About Me


I am a post-doctoral researcher at University of Modena And Reggio Emilia, Italy (UNIMORE). In 2011, I got my Master degree in Computer Engineering at UNIMORE and I spent six months as visiting student at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands) while researching on my master thesis (topic: Multi-Agent Systems e-market for the Smart Grid). 

After that, I spent 3 months in a research internship at the University of New Brunswick (Canada); during those months I was still involved with Multi-Agent systems, but this time in a different case study: emergency response simulation and analysis.

I then started my doctorate studies at UNIMORE with research subject of bio-inspired approaches for designing and implementation of autonomic and distributed systems. I spent one year of my doctorate at Edinburgh Napier University (U.K) and I obtained the PhD title in March 2015.

For more info about my research activity (publications and stuff...) go and check the RESEARCH section of this site.


IEEE Member since 2011

IEEE Systems, Man, Cybernetics Society Technical Committee on Distributed Intelligent Systems since 2015


I like to travel and I do travel a lot, mainly for conferences and similar events. Best part of travelling for me is trying different cuisines.

I like music and going to concerts/festivals or other music-related events. Also, tv-series and cinema.

The brief moment in which you realize you just learned something new is one of the best sensation to experience. Some kind of small magic that can potentially happen everyday. So I often find myself reading books and watching online tutorials/lectures whose topics are (more or less) unrelated to my research/work activity.

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